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Joystick Jockey | March 26, 2020

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Control Abilities and Upgrades Guide: Objects of Power, How to Upgrade, Best Abilities

Control Abilities and Upgrades Guide

Using abilities in Remedy’s Control is one of the most fun aspects of the gameplay. While you do have access to weapons, chucking things at enemies, floating in the air, and conjuring a shield out of thin air is definitely our cup of tea. The fun, however, doesn’t begin from the start. You’ll have to put in work to unlock these abilities as you go through the Federal Bureau of Control.

Our complete Control coverage also includes:

Control Abilities

There are six abilities that you can unlock in Remedy’s Control. These skills in the game offer different benefits ranging from offense to defense and plain utility. Moreover, you can upgrade these abilities at Control Points to further improve their effectiveness.

This Control guide will not only give you an overview of all six abilities in Control but will also outline ways to earn Ability Points and upgrading these abilities. Without further ado, let’s dive right into them:

1. Melee

Where to Find: Unlocked by default

It’s just like your default melee ability in every modern game out there but with a slight addition. Melee ability in Control creates a small psychic blast that damages all the targets in front of it.

It not only works on enemies but also on your surroundings if you’re into breaking things. The base damage is nothing to write home about but you can increase it significantly. The following are Melee ability’s upgrades:

  • Melee Level 1: +10% Increased Melee Damage
  • Melee Level 2: +30% Increased Melee Damage
  • Melee Level 3: +30% Increased Melee Damage
  • Melee Level 4: +30% Increased Melee Damage
  • Melee Level 5: +50% Increased Melee Damage

2. Launch

Where to Find: Pneumatics, Executive

Aside from your weapons, you’ll mostly rely on the Launch ability to deal damage to enemies and bosses. The skill allows you to pick up a nearby object and chuck it at the target. You can upgrade the ability to be able to launch enemies and large objects that deal more damage. Its upgrades are:

  • Launch Level 1: +25% Increased Launch Damage
  • Launch Level 2: +50% Increased Launch Damage
    • Launch Explosives: Toss grenades and rockets back at the target
  • Launch Level 3: +50% Increased Launch Damage
    • Launch Enemies Level 1: Launch smaller enemies when at low HP
  • Launch Level 4: +50% Increased Launch Damage
    • Launch Enemies Level 2: Launch large enemies when at low HP
  • Launch Level 5: +75% Increased Launch Damage
    • Launch Strength: Chuck large objects

3. Evade

It’s your regular dodge ability. You can use Evade ability to avoid incoming projectiles, traverse through an area quickly. Moreover, note that you can use Evade both on the ground and while airborne.

4. Shield

Where to Find: Field Training, Sector: Maintenance

Shield has to be my favorite ability to use in Control. It allows you to conjure up a barrier/shield out of thin air that blocks a certain amount of incoming damage. If you aren’t good with using Evade, this ability can be a lifesaver. Couple this with the fact that you can also move around while holding your barrier and it becomes a must-have ability in Control. The following are its upgrades:

  • Shield Level 1: +10% Shield Strength
  • Shield Level 2: +20% Shield Strength
    • Shield Barrage: Release your shield to hurl the debris at the enemies
  • Shield Level 3: +20% Shield Strength
  • Shield Level 4: +20% Shield Strength
  • Shield Level 5: +30% Shield Strength

5. Levitate

Where to Find: Sector: Containment

You probably already know about this one from the various trailers and gameplay demos that Remedy Entertainment put out. It enables you to float in the air for a small duration before you descend slowly. You need to have Levitate ability to complete certain side quests in Control and to reach certain blocked areas. The following are Levitate ability’s upgrades:

  • Levitate Level 1: +10% Increased Levitation Duration
  • Levitate Level 2: +10% Increased Levitation Duration
    • Ground Slam: While floating, slam onto the ground on will and damage all nearby enemies
  • Levitate Level 3: +10% Increased Levitation Duration
  • Levitate Level 4: +10% Increased Levitation Duration
  • Levitate Level 5: +10% Increased Levitation Duration

6. Seize

Where to Find: Hypnosis Lab, Sector: Research

Easily the most fun ability to use in Control. Seize ability allows turn any low HP enemy to your side for a short duration of time. The base duration is laughable but you can upgrade it to be able to mind-control an additional enemy and also increase the Seize duration. Seized targets automatically die when the duration is over. The following are its upgrades:

  • Seize Level 1: +5% Increased Seize Duration
  • Seize Level 2: +10% Increased Seize Duration
  • Seize Level 3: +10% Increased Seize Duration
    • Seize Additional Enemy: Allows you to Seize an additional enemy
  • Seize Level 4: +10% Increased Seize Duration
  • Seize Level 5: +15% Increased Seize Duration

How to Upgrade Abilities

As stated above, you can only upgrade abilities when at a Control Point. Upgrading an ability in any skill tree requires you to have Ability Points. The initial upgrades will only cost you 1-2A Ability Points but as you move up an Ability Tree, the cost will continue to increase. Upgrading Level 5 abilities can cost as much as 4 Ability Points.

To give you a better understanding, you need a total of 132 Ability Points to fully upgrade all the abilities including Health and Energy upgrades.

How to Get Ability Points
Acquiring Ability Points in Control is as easy as it can get. You need to complete various Main Missions and Side Missions to earn Ability Points as rewards. Apart from that, finding all Hidden Locations in the game will also net you some additional APs.

That’s it for our Control Abilities and Upgrades guide. Don’t forget to comment if you’d like to learn anything more.

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