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Joystick Jockey | March 27, 2020

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How to Unlock All Outfits in Control

Remedy’s Control Outfits Unlocks Guide

There are in total 10 outfits that your character Jesse Faden can equip in Remedy’s Control. If you travel to the Central Executive’s Control Point, you’ll find an “Outfits” sub-menu that lists all the outfits that you’ve unlocked. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything about how to unlock all the outfits in Control. Check out our complete coverage of Control:

Control Outfits Unlocks

Before we start, note that you’ll only be able to change outfits by heading over to Central Executive’s Control Point since no other Control Point in the game will allow you to do so. Other than that, you can’t unlock the following 3 outfits since they’re tied to the game’s pre-order bonus and Deluxe Edition:

  1. Tactical Response Gear: Control’s pre-order bonus
  2. Astral Dive Suit: Digital Deluxe Edition only
  3. Urban Response Gear: Digital Deluxe Edition only

As for the other outfits in Remedy’s Control, here’s how you can unlock all of them:

1. Civilian
This outfit is unlocked by default. You start the game with this outfit.

2. Janitor’s Assistant
To unlock this outfit, you need to complete all the side missions for Ahti the Janitor. You essentially need to complete “What a Mess” questline by visiting Ahti’s office repeatedly and accepting every single mission.

3. Asynchronous Suit
You need to complete the “Self-Reflection” side mission to unlock this outfit. However, do note that the Asynchronous Suit won’t be automatically added to your Outfits and you’ll need to pick it up. To do so, you need to head over to the Synchronicity Lab and the area with a lot of mannequins standing together.

4. Director’s Suit
You need to complete the game to unlock the Director’s Suit.

5. Office Assistant
You need to complete the game to unlock the Office Assistant suit.

6. Candidate P7
To find this outfit, you need to head to the Containment Sector. You need to head to the P7 room in the Prime Candidate Program area and check the cupboard to find it inside.

7. Golden Suit
The final outfit that you can unlock in Remedy’s Control requires you to get to the Research Sector and the Luck & Probability area. You’ll need to have Level 05 Security Clearance to get it. Once you’ve it, head inside Level 05 room and complete the Luck & Probability puzzle to unlock it.

This is how you unlock all the outfits in Control. If you’re still having trouble finding any, let us know and we’ll assist you further.

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