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Joystick Jockey | May 28, 2020

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Control Puzzles Solutions Guide: Oceanview Motel, Luck Puzzle, Punchcard Terminals

Remedy’s Control Puzzles Solutions Guide

Amidst the gunfights and using your superpowers are sprinkles of puzzles throughout the story of Remedy’s Control. Seemingly impossible, these puzzles are not hard to solve if you pay a little attention to your surroundings. If you’re stuck on one of these puzzles and can’t seem to figure them out, our Control Puzzles guide will help you out. Check out our complete coverage of Control:

Remedy’s Control Puzzles Solutions

Puzzles in Control vary in complexity but none of them are too difficult since their solutions are always hidden in the surroundings. A few of these puzzles take place in the Oceanview Motel which you’ll visit quite a lot during your playthrough. The rest are found naturally through the game.

Without further ado, the following are all the puzzles and their solutions in Remedy’s Control.

1. Hotline Phone Puzzle (Oceanview Motel)

You’ll come across the Hotline Phone puzzle at the very start of the game. Hotline Phone in Control is an Object of Power. You need to reach it if you wish to upgrade your abilities. Here’s how you can solve the Hotline Phone puzzle:

First, you need to head to the Hotline Chamber where you’ll hear the phone ringing in the distance. No need to try and jump to the phone – it won’t work. Instead, look for a light switch nearby. You need to pull the light switches thrice to be teleported to the Oceanview Motel.

Once you’re in the lobby, you need to ring the service bell on the front desk thrice. Doing this will open up a door in the hallway. You’ll need to visit the room and find the Pyramid Key inside.

With the Pyramid Key at your disposal, return to the front desk and open the door with the pyramid symbol on it. After going through the pyramid door, you’ll see another light switch hanging nearby.

Just like before, pull the light switch thrice to be teleported straight to the Hotline Phone chamber. Simply interact with it to progress the story.

2. Oceanview Motel Threshold Puzzle

You’ll visit the Oceanview Motel again during the Threshold mission. Similar to the Hotline Phone puzzle, the Threshold puzzle is also fairly simple. To start, you’ll once again need to interact with the light switch three times to get teleported to the Oceanview Motel.

After arriving at the motel, run to the reception desk and ring the service bell three times. This will open two rooms in the hallway. To put it simply, what you need to do is to make sure that both the rooms are the same. And by this, I mean the positioning of items inside.

You won’t be able to change anything in the first room so you’ll have to interact with things in Room 224 to match the adjacent room. To make it easier for you, all you need to do is to interact with every item once and pull out the chair.

Successfully matching both the rooms will play a sound clue. From there, you need to head inside the third room that opens up in the same hallway and grab the Pyramid Key. This will allow you to open up the door with the pyramid symbol in the starting hallway where you got teleported.

You need to go through the door, interact with the light switch three times, and continue your mission.

3. In a Matter of Time Clock Puzzle

This puzzle also takes place in the Oceanview Motel during A Matter of Time mission. After arriving at the motel, head to the reception desk where you’ll see a service bell and a clock.

What you need to do is to ring the bell and look at the clock. The hands will stop at a random time. You need to memorize the position of the hands and head inside Room 222. Interact with the clock inside the room and make sure it matches the time that appeared on the reception clock. Doing this correctly will play a sound and you won’t be able to interact with the Room 222 clock anymore.

Now repeat the process of ringing the service bell and memorizing the time on the clock but this time, head inside Room 224. Again, set the clock in the room so that it shows the same time as the front desk clock. You’ll once again hear a sound and won’t be able to interact with the room’s clock anymore.

Do this one more time for Room 226 and pick up a key from the reception desk. You need to use this key to open the door with the pyramid symbol – it’s in the hallway where you initially appeared. Go through the room, pull the light switch three times, and you’ll get out of the motel.

4. HRA Lab Machine Punchcard Puzzle

Solving the HRA Lab Machine Punchcard puzzle during the Old Boys’ Club mission is pretty simple if you pay a little attention. If you still can’t figure it out, here’s how you solve it:

The first thing that you’ll need to do is to run around the lab and collect five yellow punchcards – 4 downstairs and 1 upstairs. What you need to do is to punch these yellow cards in 5 terminals (4 downstairs and 1 upstairs) in the lab in the correct order.

On the side of each terminal, you’ll find a number written. You’ll need to insert each punchcard in the correct terminal. To help you do that, you’ll find 3 whiteboards in the lab. You can obviously attempt to do this on your own, but here’s a solution of where all the punchcards need to be inserted:

Control Punchcard Puzzle

5. Luck & Probability Roulette Puzzle (Gold Outfit)

You’ll come across this puzzle in the Research Sector after getting a Level 5 security clearance. After you’ve acquired that, you need to head inside the Luck & Probability room and to the Level 05 door.

Once you’re inside the room, grab the note and check the whiteboard. This will tell you everything you need to do to solve the puzzle. But you don’t need to do that since we’ve done all the hard work for you. Here’s what you need to do to solve the puzzle:

  • Turn on all four desk lamps in the room with the roulette.
  • Make sure that cat’s arm is swinging.
  • The curve of the horseshoe needs to be at the bottom.
  • Take the golden fish to the roulette room and place it in the red carpet area.
  • Take the clover and place it in the pot plant near the TV in the roulette room.
  • Make sure that the toy near the elephant is hitting it.

Once you’ve done all these things, you need to interact with the roulette and step off the red carpet area. This will allow you to solve the puzzle and unlock the Gold Outfit.

6. A Captive Audience Puzzle

You’ll find this puzzle while finding the Parapsychology Department of Research. Completing this puzzle will also unlock the “Psychic Occupation” trophy. The solution to the puzzle is simple – as seen in the image below. And if you’re wondering how we came across the solution, all you need to do is to look at the symbol drawn on the paper directly behind the control units.

Control A Captive Audience Puzzle

We hope this Puzzles Guide helped you in some way. We’re still trying to find more puzzles and will update accordingly.

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