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Joystick Jockey | March 27, 2020

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Control Side Quests Walkthrough Guide: Locations, How to Complete, Rewards

Remedy’s Control Side Quests Walkthrough Guide

Remedy’s Control has plenty of side quests to keep you occupied if you need a break from the main story. These small, hidden side missions offer crafting materials, Ability Points, weapon mods, and more as rewards so it’s a good idea to take out some time to complete them. For more on Remedy’s Control, check out our:

Remedy’s Control Side Quests Walkthrough

Starting these side missions in Control often require you to travel to a hidden location or speak to a specific person. To help you complete these Control Side Missions, we’ve got the most comprehensive walkthroughs of these missions, tips to defeat the bosses, and rewards they offer upon completion.

#1: A Captive Audience
To start this side quest, you need to go to the Parapsychology room in the Sector: Research and pick up the note off the desk. You need to bind the X-Ray Lightbox which is located in a fenced area.

To do that, take to the corridor and head inside the Control Room with two control units. The solution of this simple puzzle is shown in the image below:

Control A Captive Audience Puzzle

From there, head to the unlocked area and interact with the object to enter the Astral Plane. In there, you’ll be presented with a tutorial to Seize ability.

Seize ability allows you to mind-control low HP enemies to aid you in combat. Once you’re done with the tutorial, you’ll complete A Captive Audience and get materials, a weapon mod, and 3 Ability Points as rewards.

#2: Fridge Duty
To start the Fridge Duty side mission, you need to talk to the man locked in the room with the fridge at Level 04 Panopticon. Talk to him once and revisit him after you’ve been through K6 Cell. Talk to the man and go to Langston. You’ll soon learn about an Object of Power.

While trying to find a way to subdue the Refrigerator, you’ll come across a boss named Former in the Astral Plane. You’ll need to watch out for 2 things: bullets and the floor. The boss can destroy the floor underneath you so be sure to be on the lookout.

Try to avoid the attacks and use Levitation if the floor breaks. You’ll soon be able to defeat the boss. After doing that, return to Langston to complete the side mission and earn 3 Ability Points as a reward. You’ll also automatically start Langston’s Runaways side mission.

#3: Langston’s Runaways
You’ll find the objective to cleanse and contain the “Japanese Paper Lantern” in Sealed Threshold Hall. However, reaching the area requires you to complete “A Matter of Time” side mission. You’ll also need to complete Mission 07 with Clearance Level 06 to get it.

You’ll find the “Hand Chair” in the Medical Wing which will continue to float in the air. You’ll need to use your superpowers to clean it.

For the “Moving Letters”, you need to head over to Dead Letters in the Executive Area. You’ll find the first letter near the Control Point. Interact with it and it’ll start teleporting around. Simply stand near one of the locations where the letter teleports to and clean it whenever you get the opportunity.

The second letter is on the upper floor, inside an office – you’ll need to use your Levitate ability to get to it. As for the final letter, it’s located on the topmost area of the Dead Letters, on top of a desk.

For the “Traffic Light”, you need to head over to Panopticon and reach Level 04. You need to head inside the entrance that says “Fortified Unit 716” and only chase the traffic light when it’s green. You must stop when it turns orange/red, otherwise, you’ll have to start from the very beginning.

Now return to Langston and you’ll be asked to look for 2 more objects.

You need to head over to Prime Candidate Program to find the “Mannequin” – in the area full of mannequins. You simply need to interact with the correct mannequin – on the top-left side.

For “Flamingo”, you need to travel to Sealed Threshold Corridor. After reaching the Flamingo, use your Levitation ability to dodge the waves. You’ll soon go against the Former once more. Use the same strategy as before to kill it and speak with Langston to complete the side mission and get 3 Ability Points as a reward.

#4: Old Friends
To start the Old Friends side mission, you need to speak with Arish in the Central Executive area. You basically need to acquire a total of 6 pouches worn by Arish’s old squadmates. The following are their locations:

  • Remus: In NSC Energy Converters
  • Guy: In Atlas Chamber
  • Cho: In Ventilation
  • Hazard: In Black Rock Processing
  • Hepstonall: In Blackrock Quarry
  • Thompson: In NSC Coolant Pumps

Once you’ve found all 6, return to Arish to complete the side mission and receive some modifications, materials, and 4 Ability Points as rewards.

#5: Old Growth
To start the Old Growth side quest, you need to speak with Emily Pope in Executive Affairs. To find Dr. Underhill, you need to head over to the Underhill Laboratory. To find the lab, you need to go to Central Research and toward the abandoned elevator. Use your Levitate ability to drop down safely and proceed a little ahead to find the lab.

Dr. Underhill will ask you to find 5 types of mold. Defeat the enemies nearby to start your search. Type A Mold is located inside a cave near the tents right next to the checkpoint. To find Type B Mold, get to the poisonous pit and head toward the toilets – you’ll find it in plain sight.

A little further of the toilets, you’ll come across a TV room that contains the Type C Mold sitting on a table. And lastly, the Type D Mold is sitting just beneath the metal stairs. Once you’ve found all the Mold Types, it’s time to face the Mold-1 boss.

To find the boss, you need to return to the poisonous pit and enter it. Continue to progress through the cave while defeating enemies to reach the boss. For the boss fight, Evade and Levitate are your best friends.

Rely on these abilities to dodge the boss’s attacks and hurl items at it. After defeating it, return to Dr. Underhill and receive your rewards including 4 Ability Points.

#6: Self-Reflection
To start the Self-Reflection side quest, you need to pick up a note near the Security & Logistics. You basically need to get to Sector: Research and head from the Ritual Division to the Mirror Testing Lab. However, doing so requires you to solve a small piece of the puzzle. Here’s how the windows should look on both sides of the chamber:

  • Left-side: Open, Open, Close [from the left-side]
  • Right-side: Close, Close, Open [from the right-side]

If done correctly, the door to the mirror will open up. Interact with the mirror to get teleported to the Astral Plane. Continue to progress through mirrors and you’ll soon come across your own reflection, esseJ.

During the first phase, catch the missiles and hurl them at the boss. At about 25% HP, both of you will take it to the air. During this phase, use your telekinesis ability to defeat the boss and purify the mirror to receive 4 Ability Points and a few other rewards.

#7: Good Defense
To start the Good Defense side mission, you need to head over to the Central Maintenance and Access Corridor. This quest requires you to progress through the entire Field Training in the allotted time. It’s not a difficult quest, to begin with, but you can try to learn the places where you need to place batteries and then attempt it.

After you’re done, you’ll be given a tutorial for Shield ability in the Astral Plane. Complete the tutorial to receive materials, modifications, and 4 Ability Points as rewards.

#8: A Merry Chase
To start A Merry Chase side mission, you need to head over to Janitor’s Office near the NSC Power Plant and head inside the room with red lights. You’ll soon enter the Astral Plane where you’ll have to follow an Object of Power (a horse). You’ll unlock a new ability called Shield during this side mission and get some crafting materials, modifications, and 2 Ability Points as rewards.

#9: Removing Mold
To start the Removing Mold side mission, you need to visit the Underhill Laboratory by heading to Central Research and falling down (Levitate) from the abandoned elevator. Your objective is to eliminate infected targets.

For the first one, you need to head over to Extrasensory Lab, Parapsychology. The second one is in the nearby room with a lot of wooden frames. And the final target is in the hallway leading to Parakinesiology.

Ritual Division
Once you’re done, you need to head over to the top floor of the Ritual Division to find the first one. The second one is on the upper floor of the Synchronicity Lab. The final target is in the bathroom near the Luck & Probability area.

Central Research
You’ll find the first target behind door number one. The second target is in the bathroom and the final target is inside a room on the upper floor – you’ll need to use Levitate to access it.

#10: Mr. Tommasi
Once you’re done with all the story-related missions for Emily Pope, return to her to start Mr. Tommasi side mission. To confront Mr. Tommasi, you need to head over to Turntable and you’ll be asked to reach an area only accessible via levitation.

Once you face the boss, you need to use something like Pierce or hurl objects onto him to break his armor. While you’re doing so, make sure to utilize available cover in the room to avoid taking damage. At about 50% HP, exploding monsters will start running at you.

Switch weapons if need be and deal with these monsters quickly. Once you’re done with the exploding monsters, a teleporting specter will join the fray. Either try to avoid the specter and solely focus on the boss or deal with the boss quickly and then deal with Mr. Tommasi.

Once you’re done, return to Emily and talk to her to complete side mission.

#11: A Matter of Time
To start A Matter of Time side mission in Remedy’s Control, you need to head over to Sector: Containment and to Logistics. Once there, head upstairs to talk with Horowitz and pull the light switch three times to be teleported to the Oceanview Motel.

Once in the Oceanview Motel, you’ll have to solve a small puzzle. You can find a detailed walkthrough the Clock puzzle and all the other puzzles in our Puzzles Solutions guide.

To give you an overview, the puzzle requires you to ring the front desk bell, note the time on the clock, head in the newly opened room, and set the time on the clock in the room so that it matches the time on the desk’s clock. You need to do this thrice, collect the key from the desk, and head out from the door with a pyramid symbol.

After you return from the motel, speak to the Medic and escort him while defeating enemies along the way. Proceed to the Logistics toward Horowitz to find him turned into a monster. Simply defeat him and speak to Medic to complete this side mission and start The Enemy Within.

If you’re ever stuck somewhere, be sure to look for a ventilation shaft to unlock the path ahead.

#12: The Enemy Within
From A Matter of Time side mission, proceed toward the Sealed Threshold Corridor and the floating anchor. This will start the Anchor boss fight. To defeat it, you need to hurl large objects at the boss – in its mouth whenever it opens.

Alongside the boss, you’ll also have to deal with smaller enemies. If you manage to land successful hits, the boss should go down in around 4-5 hits at best. Once done, purify the anchor, gather your rewards, and complete the side quest.

#13: What a Mess: Clear the Clog
To start this side mission, you need to visit Janitor’s Office in Sector: Maintenance and check the board. From there, head to the Pump Station from the NSC Coolant Pump area. You’ll be tasked to solve a simple puzzle that involves removing a battery and inserting it in another terminal.

Unlock the door to head to the lower level and clear the clog to complete the side mission and receive a weapon mod, crafting materials, and 3 Ability Points. You can also return to Janitor’s Office to continue the questline.

#14: What a Mess: Talk to the Plants
After the 6th chapter, visit the Janitor’s Office and pick up this side quest from the board. To complete this side quest, you need to speak to 6 plants in the Central Research area. Here’s a brief rundown of their locations:

  • On the ground floor, near the toilets
  • Near the staircase
  • On the opposite end of the shelter
  • On the upper floor of the area
  • Near the blocked area leading to Ritual Division
  • Found upstairs

Once you’ve successfully talked to all plants, you’ll receive 4 Ability Points, modifications, and some crafting materials.

#15: What a Mess: Clear the Mold
After you’re done with the 7th chapter, check the board in the Janitor’s Office to start this side mission. Your objective is to destroy mold accumulated in different areas of the Medical Wing. All of them are easy to spot but we’ve still given you the locations in case you can’t seem to find one or two:

  • In the main room
  • In the room with the steam
  • On a ceiling near the main room entrance
  • In a corner of the room with the first mold
  • In the area with baggage
  • Behind the door blocked by fungus, inside a small room

Shoot them all to destroy them and receive 3 Ability Points, modifications, and crafting materials as rewards.

#16: What a Mess: Even More Mold
Once more, you need to pick this optional mission from the board in Janitor’s Office. This side mission is exactly like the previous one but this time, you need to clear the mold in the NSC Coolant Pump area. You’ll also encounter some enemies in this one.

Clear the area off all the enemy personnel and use Levitate to reach the upper area to find the molds.

#17: What a Mess: Burn the Trash
This is a fairly straightforward side mission you pick up from the board in Janitor’s Office. Your objective is to travel to the Furnace Chamber in Sector: Maintenance and throw barrels with a biohazard symbol on them in the furnace. Completing the quest will reward you with 2 Ability Points, weapon mods, and some crafting materials.

#18: What a Mess: Take a Break
After completing all “What a Mess” side missions, visit Janitor’s Office again … sit on the couch for a while and complete the quest to receive the Assistant Janitor outfit.

We hope our Control Side Missions guide helped you in some way. If it did, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section.

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