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Joystick Jockey | March 27, 2020

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Epic Games Store Fails to Provide Control Keys to Players Who Bought It via Humble Bundle, Even After Release

Control Epic Games Store

Despite the official release of Remedy’s Control on Epic Games Store, the consumers who bought the game through Humble Bundle were unable to play the game since EGS didn’t send out Humble Bundle the game keys in time.

The PC version of Remedy’s Control was made exclusive to Epic Games Store. And while everyone who bought the game directly from EGS was able to play it on the release date (keeping a lack of pre-load and other technical issues aside), those who bought it via Humble Bundle were unable to do so. I should also note here that those who bought the game regularly directly from the store have no problems whatsoever.

This is clearly a huge fail on EGS’ part since platforms like Valve’s Steam has been doing it for hundreds and thousands of games for years. You can check out HB’s response to a consumer:

While today is the official release date for Control, we are not quite at the time of day that the keys are to be released. Have no fear however, those are set to be distributed later today and you will be enjoying your game in no time. Once those keys arrive you will find them on the download page associated with your purchase.

According to Humble Bundle, the keys have now been distributed to everyone:

I sincerely hope that EGS learned something from the situation and the platform won’t fail to deliver on something as basic as providing keys on time. The competition with Steam may be healthy in the long run but as of now, a majority of players are forced to rely on a substandard platform that lacks some of the most basic features.

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