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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters – Recruitment, Likes/Dislikes, Strengths/Weaknesses, Abilities

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters Guide

Fire Emblem: Three Houses features an impressive cast of characters you’ll meet in the game. The game’s start sees you choosing one of three houses to teach which will later become your main squad in battles. Apart from your chosen house, you’ll also get opportunities to recruit characters (apart from a select few) from other houses. This guide will help you learn everything about different Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters, their interests, likes, dislikes, recruitment conditions, abilities, and recommended classes you should evolve these characters into.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters

Except for your main protagonist, Byleth, and other non-faction characters, all the characters belong to either one of three houses (Blue Lions, Golden Deer, and Black Eagles), Garreg Mach Monastery faculty, or Church of Seiros. There are some characters who slither in the dark but we’ll talk about them later.

For your convenience, we’ve divided the guide with respect to these factions or houses. You can jump to any of these using the table of contents provided. The last thing before we start is that you may find some missing details here and there. That’s because we’re still working on the guide and are trying our best to complete it at the earliest.

With that out of the way, here are all the Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters:

  1. Black Eagles
  2. Blue Lions
  3. Golden Deer
  4. Non-Faction Characters
  5. Those who Slither in the Dark
  6. Church of Seiros

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Black Eagles Characters

The house of Black Eagles hails from the Adrestian Empire and its characters are known for their prowess with axes and magic. Leading the house is a noble character named Edelgard von Hresvelg, the heiress to the Adrestian Empire. The following is an overview of characters hailing from the Black Eagles house:

Bearing the minor Crest of Seiros, Edelgard is the leader of the Black Eagles. She is the heiress of the Adrestian Empire.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts Smash: Axe attack with high Crit.
Strengths Swords, Axes, Authority, Heavy Armor
Weaknesses Bows, Faith
Interests Reading, Exploration
Likes Talented people, debating about historical views & strategies, nature, and sceneries
Dislikes Old values, crests, rats, chains, swimming, and getting out of control
Recruitment Conditions Can’t be recruited
Personal Ability Imperial Lineage: Your units earn 1.2x XP.
Recommended Class Emperor

Hubert is as loyal of a servant of Edelgard as one could’ve asked. He started serving her from a young age and has yet to fail her.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Bows, Reason, Authority
Weaknesses Axe, Flying, Faith
Interests Protecting Edelgard, researching on tactics and strategy
Likes Coffee, irony, intelligence, people who prove useful
Dislikes Heights, nostalgia, gambling, the Church of Seiros, people bothering Edelgard
Recruitment Conditions Can’t be recruited most likely
Personal Ability Officer Duty: Provides +5 Mt with gambits.
Recommended Class Dark Knight

The first and only commoner character from the Black Eagles house, Dorothea used to perform as a songstress at the Mittlefrank Opera Company and idolizes Manuela.

Starting Class Commoner
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Swords, Reason
Weaknesses Flying, Riding, Faith
Interests Singing plus a little of everything
Likes Singing, acting, little animals, decorations, music
Dislikes Prideful nobles, herself
Recruitment Conditions Charisma, Authority
Personal Ability Songstress: You restore 10% HP of nearby allies at the start of a turn.
Recommended Class TBA

Son of Duke Aegir, Ferdinand comes from a family whose members have served as prime ministers for the empire for as long as one can recall. For him, family pride is everything and losing isn’t an option. He bears the Crest of Cichol.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Sword, Axes, Lances, Riding
Weaknesses None
Interests Armor collection, being noble
Likes Heights, being noble, justice, tea, horse-riding
Dislikes Sloth, not being noble
Recruitment Conditions Heavy Armor, Dexterity
Personal Ability Confidence: With unit on full HP, it grans +15 Hit/Avo
Recommended Class Holy Knight, Dark Knight, Great Knight

As the only daughter of Duke Varley, this character is very influential. However, due to her introvert nature, she tends to avoid attention and is mostly found in lectures and enjoying her hobbies in the girls’ dormitory. Bernadetta bears the minor Crest of Indech.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Bows, Lances
Weaknesses Swords, Brawling, Axes, Heavy Armor
Interests Writing novels, illustrations, knitting, embroidery
Likes Reading, music, stuffed animals, drawing, embroidery, being alone
Dislikes Talking to people, overbearing fathers, imposing people
Recruitment Conditions Bow, Strength
Personal Ability Persecution Complex: Gain +5 ATK when HP is less than full
Recommended Class Bow Knight

An expert in martial arts, Casper in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the second son of Count Velgris with no claim to the throne but this didn’t prevent him from making a name for himself.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Brawling, Axes
Weaknesses Reason, Authority, Bow
Interests Mornings, quick breakfasts, training
Likes Fighting, destroying evil
Dislikes Rain, liars, injustice, wasting time
Recruitment Conditions Brawl, Strength
Personal Ability Born Fighter: -10 Avo for nearby enemies in combat
Recommended Class War Master

The princess of Brigid Islands comes from lands far away and is still trying to learn Fodlan’s language.

Starting Class Commoner
Combat Arts
  • Wrath Strike: A powerful sword attack without Crit.
  • Smash: An axe attack with high Crit.
  • Tempest Lance: A powerful lance attack without Crit.
Strengths Axes, Bows, Swords, Flying
Weaknesses Faith, Reason
Interests Studying, hunting, tanning hide
Likes Ocean swimming, sunshine, tree climbing, family, Brigid Islands
Dislikes Math, discrimination, idling
Recruitment Conditions Riding, Dexterity
Personal Ability Hunter’s Boon: Gain +20% Crit when a foe’s HP is at 50% or less
Recommended Class TBA

Fascinated by crests, Linhardt is the son of Count Hevling often found engrossing in researching different crests. He bears the minor Crest of Cethlenn himself.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Faith, Reason
Weaknesses Brawling, Axe
Interests Researching crests, sleeping
Likes Sleeping, naps, reading, fishing, sweets, freedom
Dislikes Fighting, blood, weapons, duty, politics, ghosts
Recruitment Conditions Reason, Magic
Personal Ability Catnap: Wait without performing an action to restore 100% HP.
Recommended Class Holy Knight, Dark Knight

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Blue Lions Characters

Similar to characters from the Black Eagles house, the ones in Blue Lions are also mostly nobles. You can consider them as arch-enemies of the Black Eagles. Prince Dimitri Blaiddyd who’s the heir to Faerghus’ throne leads them. They prefer to fight at close-range and are some of the toughest characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

As the prince of Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, Dimitri leads the characters in the Blue Lions. He’s all the virtues that befit a knight but is somehow troubled by “inner darkness”.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts Tempest Lance: Lance attack with no Crit.
Strengths Lances, Swords, Authority
Weaknesses Reason, Axes
Interests Maintaining weapons, training for battles
Likes Battle training, good weapons, riding, strenuous work, physical training
Dislikes Heat, weak objects, selfishness
Recruitment Conditions Can’t be recruited
Personal Ability Royal Lineage: Units earn 1.2x the experience.
Recommended Class Great Lord

You know, how they say looks can be deceptive? This applies perfectly on Dedue. This angry-looking man is truly a calm and gentle soul. Hailing from the Daska region, Dedue’s allegiance for Dimitri is unwavering, even if it costs him his life.

Starting Class Commoner
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Heavy Armor, Brawling, Lances, Axes
Weaknesses Flying, Riding
Interests Cooking, Housekeeping
Likes Needlework, Gardening, Flowers, Arts
Dislikes Bothering Dimitri
Recruitment Conditions Can’t be recruited
Personal Ability Staunch Shield: Gain +4 Def for not moving for 1 turn.
Recommended Class Great Knight

An expert swordsman, Felix is a childhood friend of Dimitri and hails from the Holy Kingdom Faerghus and is the heir to House of Duke Fraldarius. She bears the minor Crest of Fraldarius.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Brawling, Swords, Bows
Weaknesses Authority, Reason
Interests Practicing sword fighting, maintaining weapons
Likes Hunting, meat, spicy foods, fighting, good weapons
Dislikes Sweets, chivalry, not being serious, his father
Recruitment Conditions Speed, Sword
Personal Ability Lone Wolf: Deals +5 damage when battalion endurance is 0 or when no battalion is assigned.
Recommended Class Mortal Savant

A good friend of Annette from her days at the Mage Academy. Despite her noble origins, she became a commoner in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. She’d go to any length to help others and bears the minor Crest of Lamine.

Starting Class Commoner
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Faith, Reason
Weaknesses Heavy Armor, Swords, Lances, Axes
Interests Baking, Praying
Likes Painting, reading, flowers, sweets, ghost stories, beautiful things
Dislikes Exercising, spices
Recruitment Conditions Magic, Bow
Personal Ability Live to Serve: Healing an ally grants the same amount of HP to caster.
Recommended Class Gremory

An adopted son of Lord Lonato, the owner of Caspard territory, Ashe tries hard to do well in life to do his father proud.

Starting Class Commoner
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Bows, Axes
Weaknesses Reason
Interests Cooking, Reading
Likes Taking care of children, violets, travel stories, sweets, stories about chivalry
Dislikes Violence, ghosts, confined spaces, fraud
Recruitment Conditions Charisma, Lance
Personal Ability Lockpick: Doesn’t need lockpicks to unlock doors and chests.
Recommended Class Bow Knight

Annette in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a friend to Mercedes from her time at the Mage Academy. She’s the niece of Baron Dominique and is one of the most hardworking students at the academy despite her failing now and then.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Reason, Axes, Authority
Weaknesses Heavy Armor, Bows
Interests Singing, studying
Likes Dressing up, morning walks, dancing, cleaning, laundry
Dislikes Dark areas, coffee, inaccessible places in need to cleaning, laziness
Recruitment Conditions Magic, Faith
Personal Ability Perseverance: Gain +4 Strength after using Rally on allies.
Recommended Class Gremory

Son of Duke Gautier, a brotherly figure for the rest of Blue Lions characters, and a ladies man, these are some of the things that perfectly describe Sylvain. He bears the minor Crest of Gautier.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Riding, Axes, Lances
Weaknesses Bows
Interests Theater, fine arts
Likes Women, board games, lively places
Dislikes Heat, jealousy, untidy spaces
Recruitment Conditions Charisma, Reason
Personal Ability Philanderer: In combat, take -2 less damage and deal +2 damage when a female ally is nearby.
Recommended Class TBA

Hailing from the House Galatea and a good friend of Dimitri, Sylvain, & Felix. This Lady of House Galatea dreams of achieving knighthood which may or may not come true one day. She bears the minor Crest of Daphnel.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Riding, Flying, Lances, Swords
Weaknesses None
Interests Eating, reading
Likes Food, meat, horses, knights, chivalry
Dislikes Hunger, people from Duscur, lavishness
Recruitment Conditions Dexterity, Flying
Personal Ability Lady Knight: Get +3 Might, +5 Hit when using Gambit.
Recommended Class Falcon Knight

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Golden Deer Characters

Hailing from the Leicester Alliance in eastern Fodlan, characters from the Golden Deer house are impressive archers. They’re opposite of the Blue Lions in the sense that they like to stay back and drain their foes’ HP bars. They are led by Claude von Reigan who himself is an expert archer and the soon-to-be leader of the Leicester Alliance.

Bearing the minor Crest of Reigan, Claude is the heir to the Leicester Alliance and the leader of the Golden Deer characters. He’s often perceived as a carefree character but can get the job done when things go sideways.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts Curved Shot: A high Hit bow attack.
Strengths Swords, Bows, Authority, Riding, Flying
Weaknesses Lances, Faith
Interests Arranging feasts, devising tactics & strategies
Likes Feasts, riding, archery, poetry, curious subjects
Dislikes Being bound by common sense, blind faith on gods, leaving things to chance
Recruitment Conditions Can’t be recruited.
Personal Ability Leicester Lineage: Units earn 1.2x experience.
Recommended Class Bow Knight, Barbarossa

Bearing the minor Crest of Gloucester, Lorenz is the firstborn son of Duke Gloucester. While he may appear to be a little snob to some, he understands his duties. I just wish he’ll be able to woo some ladies at the academy.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Lances, Bows, Reason, Riding
Weaknesses Brawling
Interests Poetry, checking on Claude
Likes Tea, red roses, worthy women, art, nobility
Dislikes Coffee, injustice, filth, foul smells, being vulgar
Recruitment Conditions Charisma, Reason
Personal Ability Prestigious Noble: Gain +2 damage by summoning Battalion
Recommended Class TBA

Bearing the minor Crest of Goneril, Hilda is duke’s only daughter. She loves fashion and runs away from effort & responsibility.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Laces, Axes
Weaknesses Faith, Authority
Interests Chatting, creating accessories
Likes Fashion, singing, dancing, flowers, persuasion
Dislikes Effort, responsibilities, extreme weather
Recruitment Conditions Charisma, Axe (can only be recruited to Blue Lions in Month #3)
Personal Ability Advocate: Nearby male allies deal +3 damage
Recommended Class TBA

Raphael is of a common descendant and comes from a merchant family based in Leicester. He lost his family in a car crash when he was still young. In the academy, he strives to achieve an ideal body physique and taking care of his baby sister.

Starting Class Commoner
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Axe, Brawling, Heavy Armor
Weaknesses Bows, Riding, Reason
Interests Eating, Gym
Likes Protein, muscles, training, his younger sister
Dislikes Studying, books, unfinished meals
Recruitment Conditions Strength, Heavy Armor
Personal Ability Good Basket: A chance to restore upto +10% HP at each turn
Recommended Class TBA

Bearing the minor Crest of Charon and major Crest of Gloucester, Lysithea is the firstborn daughter of Duke Cordelia with an unrivaled command on magic.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Reason, Faith, Authority
Weaknesses Swords, Lances, Axes, Heavy Armor
Interests Sweets, devising tactics & strategies
Likes Sweets, cute things, lilies
Dislikes Strenuous work, ghosts, bitter food, perceived a child
Recruitment Conditions Magic, Faith
Personal Ability Mastermind: Get x2 Skill XP
Recommended Class Gremory

Coming from a wealthy merchant family, Ignatz didn’t get to inherit the family business owning to him being the younger son. However, his passion for knighthood took him to the Officer’s Academy in the Golden Deer house.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Bows, Authority
Weaknesses Flying
Interests Painting, collecting art
Likes Arts, the Goddess, the Four Saints, landscapes, faraway lands, peace, quietness, flowers
Dislikes Lightning, stressful situations, people who don’t like art
Recruitment Conditions Dexterity, Authority
Personal Ability Watchful Eye: Hit rate increases by +20.
Recommended Class Bow Knight

Marianne can easily be considered as one of the most religious characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She bears the minor Crest of Mastery, is shy, and an adopted daughter of Duke Edmund.

Starting Class Noble
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Swords, Flying, Riding, Faith
Weaknesses Heavy Armor, Brawling
Interests Praying, talking to animals
Likes Birds, reading, flowers, the Goddess
Dislikes Crests, cleaning up, herself
Recruitment Conditions Magic, Riding
Personal Ability Animal Friend: Restore +20% HP when near a horse or flying ally.
Recommended Class Falcon Knight

The final character from the Golden Deer house is Leonie. This commoner is the daughter of an unknown hunter hailing from the Sawin village. Owning to the generosity of her village folks, she enrolled in the Officer’s Academy and starting training as a mercenary in the hopes of paying her village back one day.

Starting Class Commoner
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths Laces, Bows, Riding
Weaknesses None
Interests Maintaining bows, saving up cash
Likes Jeralt, military arts, competition, fishing, hunting, gardening, collecting and reusing old things
Dislikes Defeat, debt, poisonous creatures, Decadence
Recruitment Conditions Strength, Lances
Personal Ability Rivalry: When next to a male ally in battle, get +2 damage and receive -2 less damage.
Recommended Class Falcon Knight

Non-Faction Characters

These are some of the characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses who don’t belong to any of the three major houses in the game. Despite that, these characters have some major story arcs in FE: Three Houses. Let’s take a look at these characters:

Not much is known about Sothis except the fact that she has the power to reverse time akin to our very own Max from Life is Strange and has saved Byleth from trouble. She seems to communicate through telepathy since she’s invisible to every other character in the game.

He’s the father of Byleth, a fabled warrior and is said to the strongest of the knights in the kingdom. Before he decided to become the head of a mercenary group, he was one of the Knights of Seiros.

Starting Class Paladin
Combat Arts None
Strengths Lances
Weaknesses Sword, Axe, Bows, Brawl, Faith, Reason
Interests N/A
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Recruitment Conditions N/A
Personal Ability Professor’s Guidance: You and allies gain 1.2x XP bonus
Recommended Class N/A

Lord Lonato is the father of Ashe and rules the Gaspard region of the kingdom. Owning to a conflict between him and the Church of Seiros, Lonato decided to go against the protagonist and the students from the academy including his son.

One of the bandit leaders that the students and Byleth encounter during a field trip. That’s pretty much all we know at this point.

This character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is popular in his own right. It’s said that he was defeated by the Church of Seiros a thousand years ago and is referred to as the “Liberator King”. It was his defeat that laid the foundation of what we now call the Adrestian Empire.

Characters that Slither in the Dark

Not much is known about these characters and even less is known about their motives. They don’t seem to come out in the open on different occasions but you’ll definitely encounter them during the game.

Flame Emperor
No one seems to know who the Flame Emperor is and what are his motives, but what we do know is that he hates the Church of Seiros and once orchestrated an attack on the students. Ever since Byleth put a stop to his plans, he has been keeping a close eye on him/her.

Death Knight
Unlike the Flame Emperor who rarely shows himself, Death Knight is rumored to lurk in the corridors of the Officer’s Academy at night. He’s clad in spiky armor from head to toe and is said to appear before Byleth sooner than later.

He works closely with the Flame Emperor to fulfill his master’s wishes which is to destroy the Church of Seiros once and for all. He’s also the master of Solon and Cronje.

Solon is one of the Nightcrawlers’ strongest mages who’s known for his wisdom and cunningness. You can expect him to be always scheming to put down the Church of Seiros.

Don’t let her looks deceive you. Despite looking like a child, Cronje is a ruthless warrior who wouldn’t stop at anything in achieving her motives.

Church of Seiros Characters

Named after and founded by Seiros, the Church of Seiros is Fodlan’s religious organization located in the Garreg Mach Monastery. It’s said that it was Seiros who managed to defeat Nemesis, the Liberator King a thousand years ago and laid the foundation of the Adrestian Empire. There are quite a few characters linked to the Church of Seiros including our protagonist. Let’s go over them one by one:

She’s the archbishop of the church and treats everyone with respect … unless you try to go against the church. It’s her who invites you to come and teach at the Officer’s Academy and maybe for something even more.

The game’s protagonist. Having lost his/her mother at a young age, Byleth grew up with his/her father Jeralt and trained to be a mercenary. However, he/she was later invited to teach at the Officer’s Academy. She bears the major Crest of Flames.

Starting Class Commoner
Combat Arts Wraith Strike: A sword attack with +5 Mt, +10 Hit, +1 Range.
Strengths Swords, Lances, Bows, Brawling, Authority
Weaknesses None
Interests N/A
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Recruitment Conditions Already your character.
Personal Ability Professor’s Guidance: Yours and allies XP is increased by x1.2.
Recommended Class Enlightened One

An impressive singer, Manuela is idolized by Dorothea. She left opera to become a teacher & a doctor at the Officer’s Academy. Also, she’s still waiting for her Mr. Right to this day.

Starting Class Priest
Combat Arts
  • Wrath Strike: Powerful sword attack without Crit.
  • Grounder: Effective attack against flying units.
  • Hexblade: A magic attack.
Strengths TBA
Weaknesses TBA
Interests Dressing up, finding love
Likes Singing, dancing, cooking, needlework, refreshing beverages
Dislikes Nobles, bullies, cleaning, tidying, feeling unwell after one too many refreshing beverages
Recruitment Conditions TBA
Personal Ability Infirmary Master: Gives allies +10 Crit Avo in combat.
Recommended Class TBA

Another professor at the Officer’s Academy with an acute fascination for different crests. He seems to take a great deal of interest in Byleth’s powers and generally seems calm and collected.

Starting Class Mage
Combat Arts
  • Curved Shot: Bow attack with high Crit & +2 Range.
  • Schism Shot: Foes get -5 Res for one turn.
Strengths TBA
Weaknesses TBA
Interests TBA
Likes Food cooked by someone, crest research, neat workplace, handkerchiefs
Dislikes Cooking, untidy spaces, corrupted nobles, politics
Recruitment Conditions TBA
Personal Ability Crest Scholar: Use Rally to give +4 Mag to an ally.
Recommended Class TBA.

A faithful devotee of Rhea, the archbishop, Seteth teaches swordsmanship and Authority at the academy. He’s also the older brother of Flayn and bears the Crest of Cichol.

Starting Class Wyvern Rider
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths TBA
Weaknesses Bow, Magic
Interests Writing fables, Flayn’s protection
Likes Flayn, fishing, the Church of Seiros, diligence
Dislikes People who hurt Flayn and the Church of Seiros
Recruitment Conditions TBA
Personal Ability Guardian: Nearby female allies deal +3 damage.
Recommended Class Wyvern Rider

Bearing the Crest of Cethleann, Flayn is the younger sister of Seteth and is somewhat tired of his overprotectiveness. Despite not being a student at the academy, she lives in the monastery.

Starting Class Priest
Combat Arts
  • Tempest Lance: Powerful lance attack with no Crit.
  • Knightkneeler: Anti-cavalry attack.
  • Hit and Run: +20 Avoid. Move 1 tile back after combat.
Strengths TBA
Weaknesses TBA
Interests Making new friends, roaming around
Likes Learning things, making friends, talking about love
Dislikes Sleeping too much, Seteth’s overprotectiveness and meddling
Recruitment Conditions Story-related. Can be recruited to all houses. Thanks to r/MuchPretzel.
Personal Ability Lily’s Poise: Adjacent allies deal +1 damage and take -3 less damage (need to confirm)
Recommended Class TBA

An expert swordsman, Jeritza is not the one you’ll meet at a social gathering. Despite being a teacher at the academy, he seems mysterious to everyone.

One of the first alumnus of the Officer’s Academy, Catherine teaches swordsmanship & Brawling and fought side by side Byleth’s father, Jeralt. Bearing the major Crest of Charon, she is one of the Knights of Seiros who wields a legendary Hero Relic weapon called Raitei.

Starting Class Hero
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths TBA
Weaknesses TBA
Interests TBA
Likes TBA
Dislikes TBA
Recruitment Conditions Requires Level 15. Wyvern Moon.
Personal Ability TBA
Recommended Class TBA

Another teacher at the academy who fought alongside Jeralt. He teaches axes & Brawling and generally seems like a good fellow.

Starting Class Warrior
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths TBA
Weaknesses TBA
Interests Collecting coins, fishing
Likes Jokes, family, knights, sweets, flowers
Dislikes Ghosts, traveling sea, spicy meals
Recruitment Conditions During Pegasus Moon in Part-1 White Clouds, Chapter #11
Personal Ability Compassion: Use Rally to give +8 LCK to allies.
Recommended Class TBA

Another one of Jeralt’s comrades, Gilbert teaches about the lances and axes at the academy. His outlook is very serious but he has a gentle heart.

Expert in archery, Shamir is a Knight of Seiros and teaches archery to students at the Officer’s Academy.

Starting Class Sniper
Combat Arts
  • Monster Blast: An attack effective against monsters.
  • Heavy Draw: A powerful attack.
  • Curved Shot: Bow attack with high Hit and +2 Range.
Strengths TBA
Weaknesses TBA
Interests Silence, hiding her presence
Likes Archery, throwing weapons, paychecks, gambling
Dislikes Spiders, centipedes, smooth talkers
Recruitment Conditions Story-based. During 9th month.
Personal Ability Survival Instinct: Initiate and defeat a foe to get +4 STR, Mag, Dex, SPD for one turn.
Recommended Class Sniper

A devotee of the Church of Seiros, Tomas has been serving the duties of a librarian at the Garreg Mach Monastery for about 40 years now.

An orphan who was taken in by Rhea. Owning his life to her, Cyril takes his duties toward Rhea very seriously and wishes to protect her by enlisting in archery classes with Shamir.

Starting Class Commoner
Combat Arts TBA
Strengths TBA
Weaknesses TBA
Interests TBA
Likes TBA
Dislikes TBA
Recruitment Conditions Story-related. During 8th month. Can’t be recruited to Black Eagles.
Personal Ability Aptitude: You get +20% of increasing each stat on leveling up.
Recommended Class TBA

There you’ve it, guys! All the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters. As I mentioned earlier, the guide is still being worked on. If you found an incorrect piece of information, do let me know and I’ll get it fixed. You can also help me complete the guide by commenting below!

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