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Joystick Jockey | February 28, 2020

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How to Get More Chips in GTA Online Diamond Casino & Resort

How to Get More Chips in GTA Online

In The Diamond Casino & Resort update for Grand Theft Auto Online, you got to play big to win big. Provided that you’ve enough funds in your account, the Diamond Casino in GTA Online allows you to gamble your heart out at a variety of table games, horse races, and whatnot. However, to play these games, you need to get chips. This is how you can get more chips in GTA Online for the Diamond Casino.

How to Get More Chips in GTA Online

Luck never remains on someone’s side forever. And sooner or later, you’ll need to get more chips if you wish to continue gambling. However, Rockstar Games has imposed a daily limit on the number of chips you can obtain in a single in-game day. Here’s how all of it works:

When you first arrive at the Diamond Casino, you’re given a tour of the place. You’re free to explore the casino, check games, and see things around. But if you want to play one of the games, you’ll need to buy a membership.

There are two types of memberships for the Diamond Casino: Free Membership and VIP Membership.

To get the Free Membership, you can simply head to the General Desk and purchase it for $500 in-game money. However, if you wish to unlock Ms. Baker’s missions that the Diamond Casino & Resort update offers or to play at high stakes tables, you’ll need to get VIP Membership.

The only way of getting a VIP Membership in GTA Online is to buy a penthouse. You’ve got a few options at your disposal and you can buy the cheapest one for $1.5 million to get the VIP status.

Get VIP Membership for More Chips

In GTA Online Casino update, you can buy 1 chip for $1. With a Free Membership, you can only buy 20,000 chips from the cashier per in-game day.

With a VIP Membership, however, you increase this number to 50,000 chips per day. If you want to get more than 50,000 chips from the cashier, you’ve no other alternative but to wait.

In addition to buying chips from the cashier, there are a few other ways of earning some extra chips on the side. Here’s a breakdown of all the things you can do to earn more chips in GTA Online:

Chips Farming Methods

  1. Spin the Prize Wheel per day as a VIP member for a chance to earn some.
  2. Complete missions for Ms. Baker will also net you some chips as a reward.
  3. Try to find all 54 Playing Card collectibles as they provide you with a few chips for each collectible found.
  4. If you’re a regular visitor of the casino, you should remember to speak to the cashier daily to get some additional chips for free.

Currently, these are all the methods for earning extra chips in GTA Online for the Diamond Casino. If you’ve any other suggestions, do let us know!

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