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Joystick Jockey | March 26, 2020

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Greedfall Companions Locations Guide: Where to Find All Companions?

Greedfall companions locations guide

Greedfall companions are NPCs who perform a few different things in the game. These NPC companions will aid you in fights, give you quests to complete, and help you understand the game’s story. You can find these Greedfall companions in different locations in the game. Each companion in the game has a unique personality, stats, skills, and combat specialization.

This Greedfall companions locations guide will help you find all the NPC companions in the game.

Greedfall Companions Locations

While playing Greedfall, you’ll be introduced to a few different factions. Each of these factions will introduce you to a companion whom you’ll be able to recruit to your party. You’ll also be able to form alliances with your companions but this depends on your choices.

Once recruited, these companions will not only aid you in battle but will also share their thoughts on various subjects of diplomacy and other in-game decisions. Companions in Greedfall are also customizable with new weapons and armor.

Before all of this, however, you must know about these Greedfall companions locations.

1. Kurt
You’ll find Kurt at the start of the game. He belongs to the Coin Guard faction, is a master of melee combat, and wears heavy armor. You can develop your bond with him to increase your “craftsmanship” skill.

2. Vasco
Vasco is one of your Greedfall companion and the captain of your ship who will join you after you arrive in New Serene. He boasts incredible agility and is a master of using pistols. At a high bond level, he’ll increase your Intuition skill.

3. Constantin
You’ll find Constantin during the Great Departure questline. He’ll leave you for a while after you arrive in New Serene.

4. Petrus
Petrus is a missionary belonging to Theleme faction. He can successfully dish out damage at both close-range and long-range and can wear different armor sets.

5. Aphra
Aphra belongs to the Bridge Alliance and is an excellent DPS companion. She excels in long-ranged engagements so don’t let enemies get close to her.

6. Siora
Belonging to the Natives faction, Siora is a support class companion in Greedfall who can restore your party’s HP and armor. She wields one-handed blades to fight.

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We hope this guide helped you find some of the companions in the game. Some of the Greedfall companion locations are still missing and will be updated shortly.

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