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Joystick Jockey | March 27, 2020

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Greedfall Crafting Recipes Guide: Crafting Materials Locations, Workbenches, How to Craft

Greedfall crafting recipes guide

You can buy items, ammo, and potions from different merchants, but a more convenient and cheaper method is to just craft them. Greedfall crafting requires 4 things: a crafting workbench, crafting recipes, crafting materials, and Science talent. This Greedfall crafting guide will help you understand how the crafting system works in the game as well as all the crafting recipes.

How Greedfall Crafting Works?

As you continue to progress through the game, explore new locations, kill enemies, and defeat bosses, you’ll obtain plenty of crafting materials and unlock new crafting recipes. But this isn’t enough. You also need Science talent to craft different items in Greedfall.

There are 3 tiers of craftable items in Greedfall that correspond to 3 levels of Science talent. You also need to find a workbench.

There are a lot of workbenches for you to use in towns, camps, and residences. To start crafting, interact with a workbench, open the “consumables” tab, and select the item you want to craft.

Greedfall Consumables Crafting Recipes

You can craft Greedfall consumables to replenish different effects, acquire buffs, and debuff enemies or bosses. The following table shows all the consumable recipes in Greedfall:

Resistance Potion Science Level 2 Bile 1x + Beast Essence 1x This potion boosts magic/elemental resistance.
Major Resistance Potion Science Level 3 Bile 1x + Beast Essence 1x This potion boosts magic/elemental resistance for even longer time.
Swiftness Potion
Greater Swiftness Potion
Balance Potion
Greater Balance Potion
Greater Antidote
Armor Ointment Science Level 2 Bile 1x + Beast Essence 1x This ointment regenerates armor.
Greater Armor Ointment Science Level 3 Bile 1x + Beast Essence 1x This ointment regenerates more armor in a short span of time.
Magic Potion Science Level 2 Borage 1x + Beast Essence 1x This potion increases magic regeneration with time.
Major Magic Potion Science Level 3 Borage 1x + Beast Essence 1x This potion increases even more magic regeneration with time.
Health Potion Science Level 2 Hawthorn 1x + Beast Essence 1x This potion restores HP.
Major Health Potion Science Level 3 Hawthorn 1x + Beast Essence 1x This potion restores a great amount of HP.
Alchemical Stasis Mix Science Level 2 Amber 2x + Pine Resin 3x This mix explodes upon coming in contact with an enemy and applies “statis” to all nearby enemies.
Poisoned Alchemical Mix
Alchemical Mix of Magic Damage
Alchemical Preparation of Elemental Damage
Haze Potion
Greater Haze Potion
Fury Potion
Greater Fury Potion

Greedfall Key Items Crafting Recipes

In Greedfall, key items are required to unlock new areas and to progress through a quest or story. The table below details the crafting recipes of all the key items in Greedfall:

Laced Drink This drink can put anyone in a deep slumber. Science Level 1 Sleeping Potion 1x + Bottle of Brandy 1x
Sleeping Potion This potion is perfect for those who have trouble sleeping. Science Level 1 Hoof Fungus 1x + Beast Essence 1x + Inonotus Hispidus 1x
Metal Dowels You can use Metal Dowels to fix or build wooden furniture. Craft Level 1 Crude Iron Ore 1x
New Cog You can insert it in place of a damaged cog to fix some mechanisms. Craft Level 1 Pure Iron Ore 1x + Damaged Cog 1x + Crude Iron Ore 1x
Potion of the Demonic Ritual This potion will allow you to talk to the demon during the rituals. Science Level 1 Nightshade Berries 1x
Vindwal’s Antidote You can use this antidote to cure Brother Fidelis’ lewolan fever. Science Level 1 Bile 1x + Russula Heterophylla 2x
Sovereign Potion Against Burns This potion can cure burns and damage tissues of the body. Science Level 1 Nightshade Berries 1x
Potion for the Anatelas Fer Ritual You need this potion during the Anatelas ritual. Science Level 1 Beast Essence 2x + Nightshade Berries 2x + Scavengers’ Organs 3x

Crafting Materials Locations

Used in various crafting recipes, you need to have a stockpile of these crafting materials to craft things whenever you need them. Always make sure to check crates, chests, and glowing items to find these.

Enemies and bosses will also drop these materials upon dying and you should also be able to purchase them from vendors. The following is a complete list of crafting materials locations in Greedfall:

  1. Amber
  2. Dragonblood Resin
  3. Pine Resin
  4. Ruby
  5. Obsidian
  6. Pure Iron Ore
  7. Refined Iron Ore
  8. Crude Iron Ore
  9. Bile
  10. Beast Essence
  11. Borage
  12. Hawthorn
  13. Leather

Our complete coverage of Greedfall:

We’re still adding more locations and recipes so be sure to check back at a later time.

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