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Joystick Jockey | March 26, 2020

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Greedfall Side Quests Guide: How to Complete, Choices, Reputation Points

Greedfall side quests guide

Greedfall side quests are optional missions that you can tackle at your leisure with the sole exception of “Before the Departure” side quests that you must complete before traveling to Teer Fradee from Serene. These side missions in Greedfall reward you with XP, gold, gear, and a chance to build a reputation with various in-game factions. In this Greedfall side quests guide is a detailed walkthrough of all the optional quests in the game.

Greedfall Side Quests

Side quests in Greedfall can be completed in multiple ways. You can approach almost all the side quests in different ways depending on how you’re building your character. The following is a list of all the Greedfall side quests that we’ve discovered so far and tips to complete them:

  1. Heretic Hunt (Before the Departure)
  2. Coin Guard Merchandise (Before the Departure)
  3. The Charlatan (Before the Departure)
  4. Disappearance among the Nauts (Before the Departure)
  5. Save Constantin
  6. The Man with the Silver Coin
  7. An Aspiring Merchant
  8. Champion of the Arena
  9. A Peculiar Alliance
  10. Attack on Caravans
  11. Inquisition
  12. Trouble in Eden
  13. The Admiral’s Secret Service
  14. Exploration & Cartography
  15. In Professor Serafeddins’ Footsteps

1. Heretic Hunt

One of the first Greedfall side quests. To start it, you need to speak to Cardinal Antonius in the Theleme embassy in Serene. From there, go to the boat’s captain to learn about the whereabouts of the troubling heretics – a warehouse in the Naut area.

Successfully killing the heretics will reward you with 50 gold and +3 Theleme reputation points.

2. Coin Guard Merchandise

This quest is also acquired by speaking to Cardinal Antonius in the Theleme embassy. You need to head to the smuggler’s HQ to find a diary and meet up with heretics.

To bypass the guards without trouble, you need to find the Naut coat which is found in a storeroom near the docks at the harbor. Alternatively, you can also craft a sleeping potion to have the same effect. After meeting up with heretics, get the information and decide their fate. You can either let them go or arrest them.

If you chose to let them go, make sure not to tell the ambassador to receive 1000 XP and Theleme reputation points. I should also mention it here that this quest ends in New Serene.

3. The Charlatan

You begin this quest by speaking to Sahin the Ambassador in the Bridge Alliance embassy during the Great Departure mission. If you go to the specified area, you’ll find an alchemist trying to sell “a cure for everything” potion to the crowd. You can approach the man directly but it won’t do you any good.

You need to go through the metal door to get to the back of the area and pick up the letter from a chest near a cart. You’ll also have to fight a few thugs in the area. Now return to the man and watch him run toward the tavern. You need to follow him to the tavern and head upstairs to find him in his room.

At this point, you’ll have two choices. You can simply arrest the man to get +3 Bridge Alliance reputation and 150 gold or help him escape the city. If you decide to help him, you’ll have to find the service key – it’s in a chest in the storeroom. Once you’re out, you’ll have to deal with the crowd outside.

You can try to reason with them or engage in a fight. If you try to reason, you’ll have to get 6 Health Potions. And if you don’t want to reason with them, you can simply fight them and lose -1 Congregation of Merchant reputation point. Once you’ve successfully escorted the man, you’ll receive +80 gold.

Return to the Sahin the Ambassador to receive 1000 XP and Bridge Alliance reputation. Don’t tell Sahin that you helped the man escape (if you did) to avoid losing any reputation points.

4. Disappearance among the Nauts

You need to speak with Vasco during the Great Departure quest to start this mission. Talk to Laura to learn about missing Naut recruit. To investigate this further, get to the tavern and speak with the innkeeper and the customer. From there, head to the specified location and talk with Lady Fontaine.

After learning more about the kidnapping, return to Vasco and tell him everything. Once done, speak to Mr. De Courcillon and go to Fontaine’s estate to find a note lying on the ground. Collect the note and head to the specified warehouse.

You should try to use the information from Mr. De Courcillon or your Charisma to release Jonas and return to Vasco to receive 1000 XP and +2 Congregation of Merchants reputation points.

5. Save Constantin

To find Constantin, you need to go to the Villain’s Hideout. There are two ways to approach the quest. You can either increase your Science talent to blow up the wall or fight your way through.

If you decide to sneak in and out of the area, you won’t receive anything extra except Constantin as your companion. If you decide to fight, you’ll receive loot dropped from the enemies and Constantin’s key.

6. The Man with the Silver Coin

This side quest automatically starts after the completion of Coin Guard Merchandise. Travel to the market and speak with both the merchants in there. You need to make one of them agree to help you out. There are two ways to go about it. One is using your charisma and second is spending 100 gold.

After everything is done, leave the market and return after 2 in-game days. Go back to the merchant who agreed to help you and hide somewhere near his stall. Once the blackmailers arrive, kill them all and loot their corpses to learn about your target.

Now travel to the specified area and start following your target. You need to make sure that you maintain a good distance and aren’t spotted. After following your target for a short while, you’ll have to engage in a fight with a few people.

Defeat all of them and report to Manfred in the Coin Guard barracks to earn +3 Coin Guard reputation points, 50 gold, and 1300 XP.

7. An Aspiring Merchant

You need to speak to Constantin in New Serene to start this side mission. After speaking to the merchant, travel to the Coin Guard barracks to obtain the permission to trade from the captain. Once you’ve got the permission, go to the marked location and talk to the minister. You’ll have two options here: either persuade him or insist.

If you go with the persuasion route, you won’t have to do anything extra. But if you insist, you’ll have to acquire a seal from your teacher in the governor’s house. After you’ve got the minister’s approval, return to the merchant to learn that the aspiring merchant and his wares are missing.

Now you need to return to the barracks and talk to the captain and the jailer (found in the cells below). After learning that the prisoner has been taken to the arena, go to the Coin Guard tavern and fight alongside the prisoner. You’ll have to pay 25 gold to enter the arena.

After winning the fight, return to the merchant to receive +2 Islanders reputation points. You’ll also be asked to meet with Ullan, the leader of Vignamri in Glendgnamvar. Speaking to the leader will complete the quest, net your 1400 XP, and unlock A Peculiar Alliance side quest.

8. Champion of the Arena

You need to travel to the Coin Guard tavern and enroll in the arena. Similar to Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, the arena is a place where you’ll have to fight multiple waves of enemies and progress up the ladder.

The arena challenge comprises of 5 rounds with each round requiring you to win 3 battles against different opponents. You’ll be able to heal yourself between rounds so don’t worry about that. The difficulty of opponents after each round, however, increases substantially.

During the final wave, you’ll go against Nadaig Menaeimen, a hard-hitting foe with a lot of armor. Make sure you’ve got a supporting character in your party to throw heals and learn to parry his attacks. Once you’ve defeated Nadaig Menaeimen, you’ll receive 1000 XP and Broadsword of the Deceased King, a two-handed sword.

9. A Peculiar Alliance

You need to talk to Ullan, the leader of Vignamri in Glendgnamvar after An Aspiring Merchant quest to start this one. After talking to Ullan, travel to the Hikemet and talk to Burhan. Doing this will also unlock Attack n Caravans side quest. Now travel to the specific location and save the merchant in distress.

As always, you can approach this in multiple ways. Since there are no repercussions this time around, do whatever you want. Hand the merchant over the permission to trade and return to Ullan. After waiting for 2-3 hours in-game time, talk to Ullan again and travel to Vighulgsob Village in Magasvar.

Once there, talk to Murdun or let Siora do the talking and you stay quiet. Once again, return to Ullan, join in on the talks, and get to the specified location to come across an ambush for Murdun. Defeat the ambushers to save Murdun and speak with Ullan to receive 19000 XP and +4 Natives reputation points.

10. Attack on Caravans

You unlock this side quest by speaking to Burhan during A Peculiar Alliance. After starting the mission, talk to Captain Reinhild and talk to the surviving merchants. From there, head toward the attack site and search the area.

After searching the remains, travel to the next area to fend off the beasts and search the remains of a corpse. Now continue to follow the waypoint on the map to come across a rebel group you need to kill. A little farther, you’ll find another rebel group at a camp. Don’t kill them unless you want to lose some reputation points.

Simply return to Reinhild to obtain +2 Bridge Alliance reputation points and 1400 XP.

11. Inquisition

In San Matheus, travel to De Sardet’s residence and read the letter outside the house. After reading the notice, go to a nearby forest to talk to a few Natives. From there, travel to the Inquisitor Claudius’ residence and grab a letter from inside. There isn’t any need to engage the inquisitors here and you should travel to Claudius’ office.

Once in there, steal his notes from his chest and return to Natives. At this point, Claudius will show himself. Simply defeat him to gain 1600 XP and +2 Natives reputation points.

12. Trouble in Eden

You need to speak with the Mother Cardinal in San Matheus to start this side quest in Greedfall. You need to travel to Tir Dob to talk to Father Lustinius to learn more about the Eden. After the dialogue, speak with the theologians standing nearby to learn more about the missing Matheus tablets.

After investigating the cabin where the thievery took place, speak to Ler and Vidwal to learn about the tablets’ location. Now you need to go to the specified area and speak with Bran. You can try to convince him or threaten him to hand over the tablets.

With tablets in hand, return to Eden to receive 1300 XP and +2 Theleme reputation points. You’ll also unlock Theological Conflicts side quest.

13. The Admiral’s Secret Service

After you’ve completed the “Treason!” main quest, go to Admiral and speak with him to start this side quest. After speaking to Ruben and his crew, travel to the tavern and put an end to the brawl inside. Buy a bottle of alcohol and give it to the man sitting at the bar to learn about the place of delivery.

After traveling to the specified location, hide somewhere to wait for a man to arrive. Once he arrives, follow him into the town, and catch the target. Return to Captain Ruben to receive 1300 XP and +3 Naut reputation points.

14. Exploration & Cartography

You need to talk to Mr. De Courcillon in New Selene to start this quest. This lengthy side quest requires you to visit camping sites in different locations. There aren’t any shortcuts to complete it. Try to go to every ‘?’ on your map and you’ll complete it naturally.

15. In Professor Serafeddins’ Footsteps

You’ll receive this side quest alongside Exploration & Cartography in New Selene. To complete this quest, you need to find the professor’s notes hidden in the game’s world. Unlike camps, there aren’t any indications on the world map about the locations of these notes so you’ll have to invest in some time to complete it.

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