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Joystick Jockey | May 29, 2020

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How to Pass in Madden 20: Passing Tips and Tricks, Control Layout

How to Pass in Madden 20 (Madden NFL 20 Passing Guide)

There is little doubt that upping your passing game in Madden NFL 20 can win you games. It’s not only a more fun style of playing the game but also provides more value by helping you secure more wins. Mastering the passing game, however, requires practice and an understanding of how the offensive maneuver works. The following passing tips should help you make your passing game even more effective.

Madden 20 Passing

You can make different types of passes in the game. Having the situational awareness of when to make which type of pass is something one learns over time. Before anything else, here’s a control layout of the passing game for both PS4 and Xbox One since EA Sports has changed a couple of things from Madden 19.

We highly recommend using the Skill Trainer in the game to practice your passing game alongside other offensive and defensive maneuvers. You can access the Skill Trainer menu from the Exhibition.

Passing Controls

Pass PS4 Xbox One
Low Pass Hold L2 + Receiver Icon Hold LT + Receiver Icon
High Pass Hold L1 + Receiver Icon Hold LB + Receiver Icon
Bullet Pass Hold Receiver Icon Hold Receiver Icon
Touch Pass Tap Receiver Icon Twice Tap Receiver Icon Twice
Lob Pass Tap Receiver Icon Once Tap Receiver Icon Once
Scramble Left Stick + R2 Left Stick + RT
Pump Fake L3 (Press Left Stick) L3 (Press Left Stick)
Throw Away R3 (Press Right Stick) R3 (Press Right Stick)

Touch Pass

To make a Touch Pass in Madden 20, you need to double-tap the receiver icon. It’s a slow pass that you can make when you have to fit the ball in a window between a Linebacker and safety. When you see that your receiver has a step, the Touch Pass should help you cross routes against man coverage.

You should also note that the duration for which the balls is in the air goes from this:

Lob Pass > Touch Pass > Bullet Pass

To reiterate, when you’ve coverage over the top and underneath but have enough space to drop it in between, you should always go with a Touch Pass.

Lob Pass

To Lob Pass, you need to tap the receiver icon. An ideal situation to throw a Lob Pass is when you’ve no coverage over the top since the ball hangs the longest in the air. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the ball hangs in the air, the more time players (both offensive and defensive) have to run to it.

If you’re looking to drop the ball in behind a CB in man coverage, try to go with a Lob Pass. Unlike the Bullet Pass, throw a Lob Pass after your target crosses the seam but before reaches the SS. Generally, this pass should work in your favor if your receiver has a high jump.

High Pass and Low Pass

These type of passes come into play when you need to pass the ball through tight coverage. If you see the MLB ignoring the TE on the streak and covering the intermediate route, you can try going for a High Pass over the MLB’s head.

However, this is not guaranteed to work every time – if the MLB is good, he’ll most likely pick it up so be careful!

If you’re sure that your receiver will out-jump (due to height advantage) his cornerback, you should certainly go for it. As for the Low Pass, it’s generally good to escape interceptions. You should also note that timing is much harder for Low Passes.

Bullet Pass

To make a Bullet Pass in Madden 20, you need to hold the receiver icon. If you see no defender between you and the receiver, you need to go with a Bullet Pass. If you see tight coverage, don’t attempt the Bullet Pass because the defender will get it.

You need to have a clear path to the receiver for a successful Bullet Pass. Another thing you need to understand is that the Bullet Passes only work in your advantage if your receiver has high acceleration and awareness.

The reason I’m adding awareness here is without high awareness, it’ll sometimes hit the receiver in the back.

Madden 20 Passing Tips and Tricks

The most important thing you need to understand is not to force passes. If you see that your receiver is covered, try to go to your second, third, and checkdown option.

You should also practice leading your passes. If you’re leading passes properly, you’ll get the ball exactly where you want.

Having an understanding of man coverage versus zone coverage is something that will help you in the long run. You should also make a habit of checking the opposing players on defense. For example, if you see a weak CB2, attack from there and take advantage of that.

It’s also a good idea to check the coverage and speed ratings of opposing Linebackers. This will tell exactly how much aggressive you can be in the middle of the field.

Similarly, always check individual player ratings versus their defender as well as your pass protection to know which players your lineman will block.

Madden NFL 20 Guides
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In the end, it all boils down to you reading the defense properly and deciding which type of pass you need to make. If you’d like to share your Madden 20 passing tips and strategies with us, take it to the comments below!

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