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Joystick Jockey | March 31, 2020

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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Pictures Locations Guide

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Pictures Locations Guide

Pictures in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan are one of the main collectibles in the game. Finding these paintings in Supermassive’s Man of Medan will show you the possible futures, enabling you to make you all the right decisions. In this guide, we’ve shared the locations of all the pictures you can find in the Man of Medan.

Finding all of these pictures in the Man of Medan will unlock three trophies which are:

  • Quite a lot of Death that Night
  • Possible Futures
  • Ghost Ships are Just a Myth, Right?

1. High and Dry
During the chapter “Wreck”, you need to take control of Alex for the first time and go into the cabin directly below the deck to find the painting hanging on the wall.

2. Cut and Run
While playing as Fliss during “Uninvited Guests”, you need to go into your room and find the painting in plain sight. I should also mention here that only Fliss can collect it.

3. Devil and the Deep
While playing as Julia during “Uninvited Guests”, check the wreckage on your left side to find it.

4. In the Offing
While playing as either Alex or Conrad in “An Escape”, you need to head inside the room after going through the bridge and collect it from near the closet.

5. Cut of your Jib
During “Caskets”, go into the room next to the kitchen and you’ll find it without any trouble.

6. Close Quarters
You’ll notice this picture in the corridor while playing as Fliss during “Danny”. You won’t be able to collect it while being chased by your pursuer. Return to the area after Danny is possessed to collect it.

7. Copper Bottomed
When you’re required to push a box to climb over a wall during “Finding Friends”, make sure to check the room on the right side to collect the picture.

8. Keelhaul
While exploring the ballroom during the “Ritual” chapter, quickly head inside the backroom of the stage to find it inside. You must be quick about getting the picture, otherwise, you’ll be forced out of the room.

9. Plain Sailing
During the “Glamor Girl” chapter as Conrad, head inside the first room on the left side to find the painting directly above the basin.

10. Loose Cannon
While you’re looking for the radio during “Distress Signal” chapter, head inside the captain’s cabin and find it hanging on a wall.

11. Know the Ropes
During “Depths”, while you’re searching for the generator, you need to head right from the power switch after falling down the hole to find the picture. You mustn’t get the Rebreather for Junior before collecting this picture.

12. A Little Hope
During the “Olson” chapter of the game, you need to head inside the room with beds and find the final picture in the Man of Medan. To collect this, you need to have Conrad alive on the ship.

And this is it for our Man of Medan Pictures Locations guide. If any of the locations were unclear to you, let us know and we’ll help you further.

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